Bath Resurfacing

Coloured Bath Resurfacing

This dated bath in Chigwell, Essex was in need of updating. The surface was prepared and resurfaced in white to give it a fresh modern look.

White Bath Resurfacing

This large white enamel bath in Southgate, London was showing signs of wear and tear in the base. It had chips and had been damaged by a lime scale cleaner. The chips were repaired and the bath re-enamelled using the unique ThermoGlaze process.

900+ colours

Over 900 colours to choose from

With over 900 colours to choose from you are sure to find something to match your existing suite.

Quick and easy

All work is completed in your home

A standard job will take 3-5 hours to complete and, allowing for drying, is usable after only 24 hours.


We stand by the quality of our work

Our resurfacing work is guaranteed, with a Silver Service 5yr guarantee and Gold Service 7yr guarantee.

Top Quality

Top quality with ThermoGlaze

We use the unique ThermoGlaze product that has been manufactured in Australia for over 30 years!

White Bath Resurfacing

This bath from the Astor suite at Hever Castle, Kent was in need of an update. It looked very tired and the red and blue just did not go. The interior surface was prepared and resurfaced changing the colour to white and the exterior blue surface was polished to bring back the shine. All in all a beautiful job.